Meal Planner [Minimal] - Notion Template

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Simplify your meal planning process with this template that helps you

  • organize and save recipes,
  • automatically create grocery lists,
  • and easily find meals to make with existing ingredients.

I originally created this template to develop an easier system for my roommate and I to plan meals together and share a collaborative grocery list and recipes database! This was the major upgrade we needed from our shared notes on our phones.

What's Inside

  • A weekly mealplan overview
  • A recipes database that informs ingredients for your shopping list and your meals
  • A grocery shopping list that automatically populates based on your planned meals and the stock status of your ingredients
  • An ingredients database linked to your recipes and meals
  • A ready to cook database that automatically populates with recipes that you have 100% ingredients for so you can easily see what you can make with what you already have at home

Who This Is For

  • Someone who needs a more efficient meal planning system to save time and energy during the week
  • Someone who needs a more comprehensive meal management system for health and/or budgeting reason
  • A household (roommates, couple, etc.) who wants a collaborative system for planning meals, sharing shopping lists, and exchanging recipes


  • Is this template customizable? Yes! Once you have this template in your Notion, you may make any aesthetic or organizational changes that could make the template more suitable for your lifestyle needs.
  • Are there instructions on how to use the template? Yes! Each page has specific instructions on what everything is and how to best use it. There are also templates within each database and instructions on how to use those templates as well. If you have any additional questions, feel free to e-mail
  • What happens once I purchase the template? Once purchased, you will be redirected to a Notion template page where you can then duplicate the page into your own Notion account.

Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail

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You'll get a Notion template that you can duplicate directly into your own Notion!

Weekly Meal Plan Overview
Recipes Database
Grocery Shopping List
Ingredients Database
Ready to Cook Database
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Meal Planner [Minimal] - Notion Template

4 ratings